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User-friendly multilingual interface with one-click language setting. In order to allow everyone to gain access to this function, the number of conversion per day per user will be limited. Each conversion will subtract 1 from your credits. If you would like to convert more MIDI a day, please register yourself as a free member (you get 300 credits). Converting more than 1 song at a time may terminate your previous conversion. Resample WAV Linux convert midi to mp3 many click for more info miditomp3 If you compose music, work with MIDI files, or just like tunes that are available only in MIDI format, you have surely thought of converting those MIDI files into real music. MIDI files are extremely small and easy to share (that's why they are available virtually everywhere on the internet), but they have some drawbacks. Firstly, most usual devices, like players, aren't able to play them. On the other hand, devices that do play them in most cases play them differently. On a quality sound card music will be magnificent. But if you use a cheaper card, you'll probably find the same sound too artificial and not enjoyable at all. Run Kanto Karaoke on your PC or Mac OS X, and you will see this interface:
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